Artichokes Salad

This morning at the market we had the Violet Artichokes from Tuscany. I was hesitant to buy them because they were the firstling, but my friend told me that they were special, just with a little 'of "beard" on the inside. I had already bought the lamb chops and mushrooms, but I could not resist. When

Fried Lamb Chops

Having a tour at the market, after having purchased Porcini mushrooms, I headed to butcher's to get steaks for mushrooms escalops. In the shop window there was a beautiful piece of young lamb and then I decided for fried lamb chops I appreciate a lot. After having breaded them, I fried them and served with Porcini mushrooms,

Porcini mushrooms, garlic and parsley

It's nice to tour the Market without shopping list and then create a lunch based just on delicacies I found on the stalls. When I saw Porcini Mushrooms from Appennino Tosco-Emiliano (the mountains between Bologna and Florence, approximately) I suddenly chose: Porcini Mushrooms Scaloppine (Escalope) After having chose the best ones I go to butcher's for